Say Hello to Converse Twisted! We love everything about our classic Converse styles but it’s fun to twist it up sometimes, right?

Converse twisted is all about reimagining your style in order to create something innovative, fresh and (obviously) Twisted. The new styles challenge what we already know and explore it to be bolder, better and a little bit different than before. Redefine your style, redefine your identity and experiment with your creativity.

To challenge the Twisted philosophy, we got together with three of our favourite insta style stars. Meet Emma, Sunita and Chrissie. We wanted to not only identify what makes each one of them unique but, discover how this could grow by comparing styling notes from each other. Each style star has their own individual style and passions yet, together they each take what they know to create what they don’t. The results are pretty great!

Watch the video below to see how they twist it:

This styling session was definitely not ordinary, it took the guidelines of what each other loves and endeavoured to push those boundaries. If this didn’t already sound like fun, the styling was totally elevated by the all new Converse Twisted collection.

Challenge your own style in Converse Twisted. Mix and match, take a classic to wear with something new and dare to be different. Your style is yours but, be brave enough to curate and create it. Shop the collection and see which twisted style you want to remix into your wardrobe!