Stop everything – the Converse Run Star Hike is here!

As part of the Converse Twisted Collection, the Run Star Hike toys with convention yet pays homage to the classics. See the Chuck Taylor All Star in a fresh new light – consider it reimagined, remixed and well and truly TWISTED.

The newest Converse additions aim to recreate what we know and love into something refreshed yet unexpected. The Run Star Hike challenges the idea of reinvention and encourages you to mix it up. It is all about reshaping your style and questioning what makes you, you!

At OFFICE, this season we are walking away from the grungy looks and laid back silhouettes we traditionally pair with our Converse. Instead, we see the Run Star Hike worn with tailored pieces. Stream lined, structural garments such as blazers, cigarette trousers and smart shirts are ideal for mixing and matching. Play around with sizing and colour to pull off a totally twisted yet, totally tailored look.

Alternatively, we envision twisting it up by wearing the Run Star Hike with a long slip dress. Layer this feminine piece with clashing shapes and textures. We’re thinking oversized sweats, long-line trench coats and chunky knitwear. Mix the old with the new, the feminine and the masculine, the conventional and the unconventional – This is what the Run Star Hike is all about.

But, most importantly, twist what you know to create what you don’t!