It’s finally the weekend, and  Natalie is getting us in the mood for some outfit fun in her latest UGG Classic Mini Exclusives. Whether you’re going out or wanting to chill at home, we have all the wardrobe inspiration you need to own your day to day activities. Not only is the Classic Mini on trend with it’s Monogram print, but its the perfect suitor to most outfits. We get to know a little bit more about how Natalie likes to style hers:


1. What are your top three ways to style UGG?

My top three ways to style UGG would be – pairing them with a boldly coloured outfit, styling them with slightly baggy jeans / trousers, they look really cute tucked into them! And don’t be afraid to wear them with tracksuit bottoms for a streetwear vibe.

2. What is your favourite UGG style and why?

My favourite UGG style are the classic ankle boots [minis], I think they suit the kind of trousers I like wearing perfectly. I really love these ones with the repeated logo as I’m into the monogram prints at the moment!

3. What are your top three trends you are loving at the moment?

My top three trends I’m loving at the moment are, neon colours, PVC clear accessories and colour matching in outfits like matching the colour of my bag / shoes with something I’m wearing!

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