Bright, bold and daring to be different – the new Air Max 90 is here!

Challenging the beauty of imperfection and finding the balance between the old and the new – we’ve teamed up with London based artist Frankie Noller for a special styling collaboration on our latest shoot. Frankie emblazons her fun, eclectic illustrations on to clothes and accessories to create utterly original, customised pieces. She uses a dynamic fusion of materials and blends old school inspiration into modern staples.

Her fearless style and innovative attitude is the perfect companion to the Air Max 90 as the iconic shoe takes on new and unique colourways. These bold, bright styles illustrate a step into the future for the Air Max 90 while still staying true to its (ever so cool) self!

This styling session saw Frankie refresh the Air Max 90 identity by injecting her art, style and passion. Blocky, oversized silhouettes and vintage accessories both matched and contrasted with the Air Max 90 – ultimately achieving a distinctively 60s vibe with a contemporary edge. Frankie’s signature illustrations featured on perspex accessories, leather trousers and an organza shirt- talk about versatility! A monochromatic colour palette allowed the new, recrafted colourways to POP. To retain a cohesive theme to this brand new vibe, acid brights were replicated in the models bold make up looks.

Styling these new colourways is going to be brighter and better than ever. Characteristic silhouettes intertwining with retro accessories is defining a fresh way of seeing the Air Max 90. There is also an attitude that needs to be worn to nail the new Nike Air Max 90 look. This attitude is full of confidence, originality and authenticity. It dares to be imperfect, to experiment with styles and to do something a little bit different.