Get to know the talented illustrator behind the recent Nike Air Collection. Stephanie Kane, known as SKK, is well-known within the creative world and displays her creative flair on the latest Nike Air Collection. Get to know about her:

I’m an award-winning artist from London whose work can be seen from the walls of the TATE to the homepage of Apple and on to doing workshops for the Victoria and Albert museum.

My work is autobiographical, usually working in response to peculiar things people have said to me. I always love looking back on pieces from the past because it reminds me of certain times and feelings. It’s like looking through old diaries from the funniest or strangest times. I use a range of mediums to create my works from oil paints to crayons to creating on the iPad.

For the Nike Air Collection pack, I wanted to show more than just the footwear standing in an untouched position, fresh out of the box. The lines I create in my work aren’t particularly the neatest, I find it boring to always colour in within the lines so I didn’t want to show the pack off in this way either. They’re drawn in the stages of when you’ve been trying on a few, surrounded by all the options, reworking the hem of your trouser pant, or tying the laces a different way to find which pair screams your name the loudest. My favourite piece that I created for this collection was for the vinyl used in store using the full colour Air Force 1s and Air Max 95s and 97s having the messy undone laces spell out SKK.

My first pair of trainers were a pair of Nike Air Max 90s, they’re my absolute favourite silhouette and one to move around in from canvas to canvas. I’ve had the same pair since 2013 and they’re absolutely covered in oils, clay and spray paint. They were originally greyscale but now they’re all different shades of colour. They’re definitely on their last legs but my sentimental attachment to them is too strong for me to replace them! I love anything with a texture like corduroy or pony hair. The Nike Air Collection is perfect for this as it’s got so many different types of feels to it.