At OFFICE, we are all about making green look good and it has never looked as good as it does in the second drop of the Converse Renew collection.

Every pair is a change for the better as they create on trend, classic Converse styles from recycled materials and innovative waste reducing solutions. Previously, Converse celebrated repurposing plastic bottles, and this time they’re taking cotton into account. The canvas body of the shoe is made from 30% recycled cotton, the laces are recycled polyester as is the rubber of the sole. Every pair exhibits a minimalist Converse patch created with just ink to ensure zero waste. Of course, a trademark ortholite® insole is used for that consistent Converse comfort.

It’s all about breathing a second life into classic Converse styles using materials that would otherwise go to waste. An endeavour to find solutions that are sustainable is well and truly mastered by the Converse Renew collection. This new direction and approach blends better to suit the new generation of climate conscious Converse wearers.

Yet, style is never lost. The Renew collection features earthy tones, distinctive top stitching and structured soles. This cool collection is a nod to 70s normcore chic while embodying an attitude that encourages change for a better future. It’s easy to make the world a little better, one step at a time with Converse.


Converse All Star Hi Trainers in Rush Blue 


All Star Low Platform Trainers in Sunflower Gold