The word is out, and we are so excited! Puma x Collyer Twins and Office recently collaborated on a Puma focused project, where three fashion forward brands produced one killer fashion shoot. The Collyer twins, known as Jordan and Loanne are famous for their fashion choices, Dj sets and beautiful escapes. The identical twins have their own unique style, and through the creativity of Puma and Office, this was seen throughout the shoot. It is no secret we want to own all the latest Puma shoes and if you shop the link below, you’ll be able to find all the shoes used on this exciting collaboration.

We have to ask the most basic question first, how did you both decide to join the blogging world?
Jordan started a fashion blog eight years ago whilst she was at university as a means to document her favourite looks, style and clothes but it was merely a fun side project she only updated once in a blue moon. When I left University a year later, we decided to join forces and that’s when we brought the travel and music element in to the blog as well.

We’re extremely similar and have always been passionate about fashion, travel, music and presenting so we thought what better way to document this than having a joint blog? I think the fact that we’re identical twins makes it more intriguing for other people too, everyone seems to find twins interesting!

As identical twins, what differentiates your style from one another?
I would say our style is actually really similar. We tend to wear similar styles and always end up picking the same clothes. However, Jordan is more likely to buy less but spend more on premium, one-off items, whereas I tend to bulk purchase but find better bargains!

You are both at the forefront of fashion trends and being powerful influencers, what are the key fashion trends to follow for Winter?

Definitely a tailored suit! They match our style perfectly. They have that slightly tom-boyish element but at the same time can work wonders for the figure. You can also dress them up with a pair of heels or keep it super casual with a pair of trainers.

Another trend we’re loving at the moment is the colour red! There seems to be a lot of red going around at the moment. We recently rocked a whole red ensemble at London fashion week, which looked pretty cool! We tend to wear a lot of monochrome, so the red really makes them that bit more statement.

Your latest shoot with Puma x Office was fantastic, what pair of shoes were your favourite from the collection?

It would probably have to be the beige cleated creepers! You can rock that colour with so many outfits and the platform gives you that nice bit of extra height, best for shorties like us 🙂

You both travel the world, and DJ at great events, what has been one of your favourite adventures/parties so far for 2017?

We’re suckers for festivals and loved DJ’ing at the last ever Secret Garden Party this Summer! The crowd, vibe, weather and of course music was amazing!

The fashion world is growing rapidly with young creatives, what would be your advice for growing a business?

Be very clear about your unique selling point, what is it that sets you apart from the crowd? Work hard, keep focused and visualise your end goal every day! 🙂

Trainers are the one of the most popular shoe choices of the season (if not year), how would you style your trainers for the coming colder months?
We wear trainers with pretty much everything! This winter we will definitely be rocking trainers with cosy knits & some wide leg palazzo pants!

What has been your favourite 2017 trend? And what has been your least?

Fave trend:
Jordan: Velvet! I don’t own much but the items I do i’ve been living in them!
Loanne: The tailored suit!

Least fave trend:
Jordan: Mix and Matching to the extreme. We’re minimalists when it comes to style so the idea of clashing colours and patterns is a little daunting.
Loanne: Dresses over jeans. I don’t know why, I just don’t think it works ….or at least I don’t pull it off well!

Before we know it, it will be 2018, are there are upcoming fashion trends that you would like to see grow?
We know white and stripes is on the rise for 2018, I hope this will continue throughout the year as we could live in all white or stripes!

Lastly, if we’re looking for a killer outfit for a first date, what would you recommend?

We always say less is more. Keep it super casual and cool! Smart trousers with some trainers with a shirt & cute jacket combo.