We get to know all about the talented, ultra-stylish and Converse loving British singer, Raye.

1.We are big fans of your music, can you give us a snap shot in how it all started for you?
I started singing at church, doing charity gigs and busking, so it all kinda started from there..

2. As we begin 2018, what are your new style resolutions?
To avoid wearing black, wear big earrings and ghetto fabulous nails!

3. If you could describe your style in three words, what would it be?
Colourful. Casual. Clashing.


4. Your collaboration with Converse focuses on One Stars, what would you style these trainers with?
With clashing colours! For example red one stars with blue denim

5. Confidence is essential for any young female in today’s world, what gives you confidence?
Being comfortable and having great people around me

6. Who inspires you?
My mum

7. Can you name your top 3 British designers?
Liam Hodges. Vivienne Westwood. James Long.

8. Lastly, for any young creative beginning in the industry, what advice would you like to share for success?
Don’t try to copy anyone else, do you