Looking to get glam this festival season? or just add some sparkle to your fabulous self? Well look no further, welcome to In Your Dreams. This make-up company has been making their debut all over the UK and Europe by one sparkle at a time. What was once just a festival look and now a booming business, In Your Dreams provide on trend looks for an outgoing personality. Matching these unique make-up looks to the Confetti Crowd was a huge success for recent Unite shoot. The Confetti Crowd and In Your Dreams stand for individualism and creativity, which is an integral part of the recent Unite Campaign.  The unity between females breaking the mould is what we and Nike support and love. We get to know a bit more about this dynamic duo who began ‘In Your Dreams’ and how they are paving the way of modern make-up.

1. Tell us about how In Your Dream’s started. Did you see yourselves doing international campaigns and being stocked in some of the biggest retailers worldwide in such a short amount of time?

a. MG: Initially the business was a side hustle to my illustration, using the body as another canvas to paint and draw onto. IN YOUR DREAMS started on the festival scene back in 2011. We offered a service that no one else was offering at festivals and events. No I did not expect it to blow up like this… but I did think we had hit on something when people were queuing up for hours and hours! I had always visualised us being in these large retailers so maybe visualisation works because im
sure a lot of people didn’t believe it was possible when we first started.
b. RC: I first met Maddy and saw the brand at Secret Garden Party in 2013, I knewthere wasn’t anything like it around and instantly wanted to be involved. At that time, it was a lot about proving we had a viable business idea because back then, festival beauty wasn’t what it is today. I think the brands that I still see on the festival circuit every year (us included) are very much responsible for bringing these trends to the forefront of the market.

2. The name of the brand says it all, but why do you think it is so important for women to follow their dreams and break the mould in the beauty industry?

a. MG: ‘Breaking the mould’ has always been our mission! It’s not just about wearing makeup and feeling empowered… It’s about breaking the mould in so many respects. As a thirty something year old woman, the anxiety behind having a baby and juggling a career is intense! I really hope we can touch on this issue in someway… Amongst many other moulds that need breaking!
b. RC: We’re really trying to promote a message we believe in – women need to stick together. The cosmetics industry was valued at £9.7 billion in 2017 which makes me hopeful there’s room for us to keep growing and make a positive impact.

3. In Your Dreams involves a lot of illustrators, artists and MUA’s — why is this sense of collaboration so important?

MG: I studied Graphic Design and Advertising at university, I still do all the packaging design and illustrations for the instructions. Many creatives I know are having to take on a huge range of work to keep on top of their living costs in London. A lot of our makeup artists are taking on Graphic Design and illustration, we know that having a side hustle is necessary… and collaboration is key! We understand how difficult it is to be a freelance creative in London and we are desperate to help empower the creatives we work with, we encourage them to keep
going and not to give up.
RC: Detail and intricacy is key to us and what sets us apart from the rest so we pride ourselves on having the best team. Creativity and attention to detail are the most important thing we look for – no matter what you do, having multiple skills serves you well.


4. What item would you say must be in this year’s festival makeup bag?

MG: Our new Face Gem pack ‘Gold Alya’ is a MUST HAVE!!! Also… our friends at Bybi do a lovely 100% natural multipurpose balm, also a must have!

RC: IN YOUR DREAMS wise – the Midnight Moon mixed gem pack is my favourite because you can create your own look that fits your style. But if I couldn’t pick our products, I’d go for dry shampoo and tinted moisturiser… festival essentials ha!


5. You have recently launched a line of cruelty-free and ingredient rich cosmetics, is this the future for In Your Dreams?

MG: Yes! We are really excited about the development of the new iridescent Biodegradable glitter which will finally be 100% Biodegradable. There are a lot of Bio glitters out there which are not actually 100% Biodegradable, we only sell the purest of Bio glitters, we ensure that we only launch the best quality product possible, this means development and testing can take a bit longer. I am also very excited to launch more creative cosmetic products that can be used on a daily basis – not just for festivals and parties!
RC: Definitely! So many more exciting products to come.


6. What beauty advice would you give your younger self?

a. MG: Drink more water !
b. RC: Wear your retainer…!

7. Who would be in your ultimate festival girl-gang?

a. MG: All of my best friends
b. RC: All of my amazing pals & Beyoncé. Obvvvviously.

8. Quickfire Questions

● Gems or Glitter?
o MG: Gems…
o RC: Gems
● Colourful eyes or colourful lips?
o MG: Eyes
o RC: Colourful eyes

● Rainbow nails or rainbow hair?
o MG: Rainbow Nails
o RC: Rainbow nails

● Coachella or Glastonbury?
o MG: : Glasto
o RC: Glasto for sure – the UK have the best festivals in the world!

● Jeans or Sweatpants?
o MG: In the Office Jeans. At home Sweatpants
o RC: Sweatpants always.

● Spring or Summer?
o RC: Summer

● Milkshake or Protein shake?
o MG: Oat milk shake
o RC: Milkshake

● RnB or house?
o MG: Garage
o RC: RnB

● Team sports or individual sports?
o MG: Individual
o RC: Teams

● Big night out or small night in?
o MG: Small night in

● Trainers or heels?
o MG: Trainers
o RC: Trainers

● Smoothies or coffees?
o MG: Coffees
o RC: Smoothies

● Faux fur or faux leather?o MG: Faux fur
o RC: fur for festivals and leather for London!

Below are make- up tutorials that match with your free gift with purchase when buying a pair of of your Nike Unite Totale Pack! (Gift with purchase is only valid  on Sunday 9th of June &Monday 10th June 2019 at our Oxford Street store)

Your Day Look:

Your Night Look:

Video credit: @edmundfraser