In collaboration with Nike and the launch of the new AF1 PLT.AF.ORM we are committed to telling the story of the new generation of hustlers who are redefining what work means to them. Sustainable knitwear maker and designer Molly O’Halloran was the perfect fit for this campaign and we are so honoured to share her story so far and shine a light on this amazing brand!

Molly’s collection combines beautifully shaped garments with vibrant colours and exciting hand-dying techniques to create truly unique, made to order pieces that are all zero waste. The designs are always fully fashioned (a technique where each garment panel is knitted to the shape of the pattern piece).

The NIKE AIR FORCE 1 PLT.AF.ORM  is a brand new, detail orientated silhouette to add to your sneaker rotation. Super stacked soles and hyper-stylised swooshes reenergise the classic DNA of the AF-1 shoe in three effortless colours – all white everythin’, sleek in sage and a powerful pink. Perfect for all those upcoming summer lewks – picnics in the park, dress code free nights out or those laidback, cool-girl festival ‘fits.

So keep scrolling and step inside the world of Molly O’Halloran, explore her oh so cool studio and discover what being an emerging creative means to her. Oh and pick up some AF-1 Platform style tips while you are here. Winning!

What drives you to do what you do?

I have always loved the process and craft of making. It was really important for me going into the fashion industry that I was able to continue that after my degree. A lot of typical design jobs are office based and I always wanted to make my pieces myself and to make sure we made everything in house.

Apart from fashion, what other aspects of creative culture excite you?

It’s so exciting to see all these young woman coming up in art. Seeing Lakwena at the Tate was really exciting.

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What about community in this industry is so important to you?

I think it can be quite isolating running a brand on your own. I’ve been really lucky in that I have a lot of amazing mentors around me, that also have their own fashion businesses or are designers that I can turn to.

How does sustainability implement itself into your brand?

Sustainability has been one of the main driving forces behind the brand.. Knitwear is naturally really sustainable, we knit each panel to shape and once we made to order everything became zero waste.

What is the process behind your collection?

A lot of the pieces have been a happy accident, the dying has been done through a process of bleaching so you never know what colour you are going to get until you’ve done it. We also found that a lot of the two tones came about as we didn’t have enough yarn to knit the dress all in one colour, so we thought why not split it in half?!

What early influences have shaped your journey so far?

I undertook a placement year during my degree which was really important. I went to New York and interned there alongside some other fashion houses here (UK). It made me realise how important it was for me to make in house or to still be practising my craft rather just designing in an office.

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What does authenticity mean to your brand?

Authenticity means making a product that is in line with the brand ethos of sustainability as well as something thats really joyful and exciting, and we enjoy to make.

Where can we find you?

We are at mollyohalloranknitwear on IG and

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