Originally released in 1972, the Nike Cortez was the first “modern” running shoe, designed by Olympic track coach, Bill Bowerman. It was created to be a comfortable running shoe that helped with long distances and rough terrain and was first launched during the 1972 Olympics.

Over the years, the Cortez has undergone many design changes and been released in a number of materials such as leather and suede as well as the original nylon. The key to the comfort of the shoe lies in the sole, the thick rubber sole was made for durability and the raised heel helped reduce injuries such as Achilles tendon strains.

Since its conception, the Cortez has remained an icon, most recognisably in the Academy Award Winning film Forrest Gump. The character receives the classic trainers as a gift and then goes on the run across the length and breadth of America (we do not recommend this) but we are pretty sure this helped the Cortez fly off the shelves.


Since its release, the Nike Cortez has transitioned from a running trainer to a more casual shoe. This year it has had a bit of a revival and has been seen on the streets being sported by the next generation of fashion followers.

The Nike Cortez is set to be the next Nike trainer of the moment and we have lots of amazing colourways ready to drop this season, keep an eye out and follow @officeshoes for more updates.