Nike x Office held an exciting competition where entrants had the opportunity to win a Nike styling experience. This hot competition was perfect for upcoming influencers wanting to make their break within the fashion industry. The winners were treated to a day in London, where they got to shop and style their looks for the recent Air Max 1 campaign. You’ve seen the images all over our social media, and now it’s time to get to know the fabulous ladies behind it all:

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Alice T

My love for trainers has been heavily influenced by my older brother’s passion for streetwear ever since I was young. At school, I would always pair my all black Airmax 90s with my uniform and they’ve been essential ever since. Trainers are one of the most essential aspects to my style even contributing to my makeup with #crepcreations. It’s so important for me to stay inspired by my shoes with exciting colourways and textures and Office has been a go to for new releases including the new AM1 releases which are perfect for fast approaching spring.

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Working with office as part of the new Nike Air Max 1 campaign was an absolute dream. Not only did it mean working with a brand I love but one that you can count on to have a shoe for any occasion.

My wardrobe mainly consists of oversized sports luxe styles combined with delicate, feminine pieces. Girls who are often torn between a tracksuit and a figure hugging dress will know what I mean! My style is all about finding head turning outfits that balance comfort with looking smart.

That’s why the soft pastel colours in the new AM1 are the perfect fit for my style – adding an element of chic to any outfit.

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My name is Lily and I’m 18 years old. I am from Winchester in Hampshire. I would say my style is a cross between street and chic! I get a lot of influence from other bloggers who I love but I find most my style from inside! I like taking things and giving them my own unusual tweak. I love to shop at office as my local store always make me feel so welcome! It is such a representable company and I applaud them for that! Plus, the shoe selection is to die for!
I had never owned air max 1 before this launch however I fell in love as soon as I put them on! They are so comfy and stylish and may become my new favourite sneaker!

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I’m Latisha, dance choreographer and fashion lover from the capital of Finland. I love comfy clothes and mixing tight with loose. Powerful and brave women all over the world influence my style the most and that’s why I like to take risks when it comes to my style. I love my new Air Max 1s because as a dancer of course the way how the shoes look is important but the way they feel matters the most. They are easy to combine with everything and so light that when I dance I feel like flying!

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My name is Natasha Ahmed and I grew up in Leicester but currently based in London! The most defining parts of my character is my love for my cat Oscar and my sense of style. For me, what’s most important about my personal style is that I switch it up every single day. If I wear an all-black outfit on Monday you best believe I’m wearing bright colours on Tuesday and clashing prints by Friday. I love to rock a contrasting outfit, the more mix matched the better, but on the other side of the spectrum I enjoy a monochromatic look with just one colour. My style is influenced by street style, old photos from what I used to wear 10 years ago and whatever makes me feel the most confident. But honestly, I don’t care what I’m wearing as long as it fits nicely, including everything from my hat to my shoes.

I believe shoes are a pivotal point of an outfit, it’s what defines your character to the look. My go to pair of shoes are my Air Max 95’s, which I nabbed from Office in the rust colourway. I prefer getting my trainers from Office because they have the most on trend colourways that breathes in fresh air into a classic shoe (and luckily always have my size in stock!) I also find the employees at Office have great personal style themselves which I find I tend to take inspo from too.

My first thoughts on the New Air Max 1’s is that I’m digging the white and blue contrast. There’s something so clean yet edgy about the colour that makes it fresh for 2018. The AM1’s have always been the comfiest pair of Nike Air’s too that always make me gravitate towards them. Such a classic shoe yet so current – I’m excited to wear mine!

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My name is Jezlyn Mayor (@jay.visuals); I’m a 20-year-old Graphic Design student from London/Essex. I’m an avid sneaker collector, young creative and I’m out here representing women in the streetwear/sneaker community. I’m always evolving my style and there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of having an exclusive piece in my collection. I would describe my style as cosy, regardless of the occasion; one element I try to maintain is comfort.

Whether things are going to be relevant, I’m still going to wear bomber jackets, tracksuits and gold accessories. My fits start from the bottom up, styling my outfits around the creps I’m wearing – I especially love baggy, oversized fits with a bright statement piece to compliment the look. First thoughts on my new Air Max 1’s were how super-clean the navy white colourway was, instantly reminiscent to the AM 1 OG release in the “Obsidian” colourway I missed out on last year, minus the red accent flare. This women’s exclusive is the perfect timeless silhouette to have as an essential in your sneaker collection and just in time to celebrate Nike Air Max Day 2018.