There is one thing in OFFICE HQ that is guaranteed to get all the girls squealing with cuteness overload and that is the tiny mini me shoes from JuJu. With the 90’s favourite summer shoe dominating this seasons wardrobe, the little ones are as fashion forward as we are with their matching pairs.

Most of us will remember wearing a pair of jellies to go splashing in the sea, in the times we were also forced to wear a t-shirt over our swimming costume, complete with one of those super chic hats with a back flap. Who knew that kids these days would be making a fashion statement stepping out in some pastel jellies with some cute frilly socks to match their mums.


What could be more fun than dressing your little one like a teeny version of you. JuJu jellies are a British summer classic and with a variety of scrummy ice cream colours they will look beyond adorable on you and your little one’s dinky feet.

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