G.H. Bass & Co is an established brand built upon style and a reputable history. The brand begun in the 1930s, craftsmanship, functionality and premium materials made up this unique brand. In 1936 G.H. Bass & Co. in collaboration with Esquire launched the “Bass Weejun” a hand sewn moccasin constructed entirely from leather and dubbed the “Weejun” in homage to their Norwegian
conception. The industrious design was the perfect merge  between a USA based Esquire editor and the Norwegian farming loafer. This silhouette was famously worn by Audrey Hepburn, JFK and Grace Kelly. The penny loafer is a popular and a favored shoe choice among many.

How do we like wear our G.H. Bass & Co at OFFICE? We love to pair our summer suits with Weejuns and if you’re more casual, these shoes work will with denims and your favorite checked shirt. We love the versatility of this brand, as it gives us the flexibility to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Whether you’re off to work, a night out, the races or just your day to day fun, G.H.Bass & Co are your shoe choice. Timeless and stylish- what’s not to love?