Fred Perry celebrated their 60th Anniversary with an event at The Garage, Islington, featuring live performances from The Charlatans and Keel Her , and DJ sets from Terry Hall (The Specials), Don Letts and Norman Jay MBE.

The event started off with 150 Fred Perry guests viewing the screening of the Don Letts’ Fred Perry Subculture films which have been recently broadcasted on Channel 4, which depict the emergence of British youth subcultures over the last 60 years. Fred Perry clothing has had a historical relationship with Mods, Rockers, Skinheads, Soulboys, Punks, Ravers and Britpop, being the original sportswear to streetwear clothing. The films are now available to watch on the Fred Perry Subculture website.

Don Letts was then invited to the stage and introduced by Richard Martin from Fred Perry, followed by a live Q & A session with Luke Turner (The Quietus), where Don answered questions about the films and commented on British subcultures of today.

The queues outside the venue were mounting up at this point, and the main room soon filled up while Terry Hall welcomed everyone with a DJ set. Everyone was keen to watch Keel Her who, along with her band members delivered an effortlessly cool stage presence with their blend of no-fi surf pop. This was followed by a DJ set from Don Letts.

The Charlatans pulled in an all star crowd with Gwen Stefani and No Doubt in attendance to enjoy an incredible performance and celebrate 60 years with Fred Perry. Matt Berry was also on the roster of special VIPs, turning up with Eddie Piller whose Acid Jazz record label he is signed to.

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