A selection of the best up and coming British illustrators are set to join forces with Converse in celebration of the launch of the Laces Creative. Laces is the latest Converse international campaign and as a stalwart champion of the rising starlet, Converse UK has selected four promising young artists. Be it music, art or fashion, Converse UK has consistently worked alongside new and emerging talent. Artists Jeff Bowman, Andy J. Miller, Barrie Inman and Matthew Hodson all further cement Converse UK’s dedication to new and exciting individuals.

Andy J. Miller
Having spent his childhood in a small town in Indiana, USA, Andy now pursues illustration as a fall time career in the UK. Having worked for the likes of Sony, Howies, The Big Chill, Nike and Product (Red), Andy is an extremely talented artist specializing in detailed, hand-drawn illustrations. http://www.komadesign.co.uk

Jeff Bowman
Jeff Bowman, 23, aka Mr Bowlegs, is a diverse artist who favors hand-drawn line work, gnarly textures, patterns and type. His portfolio includes work for clients such as Nike, ActionAid and Element Skateboards. http://www.mrbowlegs.co.uk

Matthew Hodson
His bright and vivid illustrations are refreshing, choosing simple line work and bold colors of which have now become a mainstay in the likes of the Guardian, and Plan B magazine. His work has been exhibited both at home and abroad with Rough Trade Records showcasing his talent as well as his first solo show in Brussels; Matthew is a leading light in British illustration. http://www.matthewthehorse.co.uk

Barrie Inman
Barry has a penchant for characterization, energy emerges from his characters transcribing from one image to the next. A strong story develops within Barrie’s illustrations whether they be lino-prints or hand-drawn, his unique style shines throughout.

Each of the illustrators has supplied imagery to the following Office retailers:
Birmingham: BUll Ring Shopping Centre.
Bournemouth: Christ Church.
Brighton: Cranbourn St.
Canterbury: Parade.
Cardiff: Queens St.
Croydon: Northend.
Dublin: Grafton St.
Edinburgh: Printers St.
High Wycombe
London: Neal St, Kings Rd, and Portobello Rd.
Liverpool: South John St.
Manchester: St. Anne Street.
Milton Keynes: Midsummer Place Shopping Centre.
Newcastle: Grainger St.
Nottingham: Briddle Smithbate.