Who doesn’t love UGGs? The sheep-lined boots are a winter favourite, if not all year round. Whether you’re a boot person or their plush, comfortable slippers are your go-to purchase, this Australian brand is desired and loved by customers across the world. Our recent campaign explored three different looks you styled your UGGs with, showing the versatility and on-trend design of the shoes. We’ve decided to delve deeper into the UGG world, and provide the answers to your commonly-asked questions.

Are UGGs made with real fur or are they vegan?

The boots are typically made of twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside, a tanned outer surface and a synthetic sole. This does mean though that UGG boots are not vegan, as they use animal skins for their shoes. UGG are passionate about promoting their ethical sourcing of the skin and strictly follow all animal welfare laws.

How to spot fake UGGs

There are so many fake UGGs flooding the fashion market, it can be rather hard to distinguish which are real and which are not. However, there are certain guidelines one can follow to ensure the authenticity of their purchase.

1. Check the length of your boots as fakes are taller than originals. Original shaft heights are shared via the brand, the below measurements are popular boot cuts:
• Classic Mini: 5.5″ shaft height
• Classic Short: 8″ shaft height
• Classic Tall: 11.75″ shaft height
2. Branding at the back of the boot should be precise while knock offs appear irregular.
3. Real UGG boots are made in China not Australia and are manufactured by Deckers Outdoor Corporation.
4. Characteristics like the double lining, fur and iridescent security tags are good indicators for recognizing real UGGs.

You can visit the UGG website to view the Counterfeit Gallery that assist in ensuing authentic products 

Are UGGs true to size?

As a retailer we always suggest choosing a smaller size in UGG so (if you’re a six we would suggest a five). This is due to the bulkiness of the fur, and once worn regularly, the fur flattens. You may be wondering if UGGs fit wide calves and the good news is that UGGs do fit most calf sizes. This is because the boots are designed to be a bigger cut. If you’re weary on sizing, pop down to any OFFICE store and you’ll be able to try various UGG boot cuts to find yours.

Are UGGS still fashionable?

You may feel that the popularity of UGGs over the last few years has started to dwindle but the good news is that these boots will always remain trendy and fashionable. This is because UGG offer a diverse range of boots that suit any type of terrain or climate, so they’re not just ‘house shoes’ or winter warmers.

UGG boots can be worn in summer; though your feet might get hot quickly due to the sheepskin lining. On the other hand, UGG offer a diverse range of shoes (not only boots) and their summer styles are too tempting not to shop.


How do you clean UGGs?

UGG develop their own UGG maintenance products. The Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner kit can help maintain the longevity of your boots. The care instructions when using the product are as follows:

1. You first need to lightly dampen your boots with clean water and a sponge
2. You will need to stuff boots with paper to speed up the drying process and help keep their shape. Spray your boots evenly with the cleaning spray to help protect and keep your UGGS clean.
3. Apply the conditioning spray on the inside of your boots, this will maintain the fur’s softness whilst keeping the lining smelling fresh.

How to clean stains on UGGS?

If you do not own the UGG cleaning kit, other methods can be applied. You need to take the follow actions to remove stains:

1. Dampen the area of your boots where the stain/stains are visible with a damp sponge.
2. Moderately apply any good quality suede cleaner in a circular motion and the stain should eventually lift
3. Leave your boots to dry naturally.

As a shoe retailer, we always suggest purchasing a good suede protector for your new shoes. We sell Liquiproof which is an excellent suede protector, and can help protect your boots against unwanted puddles or oil stains.


How do you clean the inside of your UGGs?

You can use the same method to clean the inside of your boots as the outside, as detailed above. Using products like the UGG freshener and conditioner will keep your fur lining in good condition.

Can you waterproof UGGs?

UGG offer all the solutions to your boot woes; waterproofing being one of the most important. The UGG Sheepskin Stain and Water Repellent Protector helps with the overall protection of your boots, however if this is not accessible to you, we suggest investing in other suede protectors, such as Liquiproof.

Whilst most of these protective products do put up a strong fight to protect your treasured footwear, UGG boots are not 100% waterproof. If you do come into contact with a large puddle of water, be warned that the damp can seep through.

Please remember that although UGGs do offer much-needed warmth during winter they are not snow boots and will get wet if worn in snow.

If you’re wanting to invest in waterproof boots, the brand also offer a diverse selection of waterproof boots.

Can you put UGGs in the washing machine?

UGG strongly warn their customer NOT to place UGGs in the washing machine or send their boots in for dry-cleaning (this includes the slippers). The issue is that you do run the risk of the boots shrinking or not keeping their shape, and it’s possible that harsh detergents could ruin the delicate suede. Even though there are success stories out there where people have successfully washed their UGGs in the washing machine, we wouldn’t recommend it!


What is the best way to clean UGGs after they were soaked in the rain?

If you do fall into the unlucky situation of being caught in a torrential downpour and your precious boots are fairly soaked, there are ways to ensure they stay clean.

1) Use paper towel to stuff your boots and allow time to dry
2) Using your cleaning kits once the boots are dry
3) Use Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner to remove any unwanted dirt & stains

How to keep UGGs smelling fresh

Let’s be honest; if you do wear your UGGs with bare feet, a slight odour might eventually develop, but never fear – there is a remedy for this. If you’re wanting to get rid of any unpleasant aromas, follow this simple hack:

1. First, create an equal dry mix of cornstarch and baking soda (we suggest a 250ml of each product)
2. Add a few drops of your favourite essence, and combine. Using scents like mint or vanilla work well for creating a gentle fragrance.
3. Combine all your ingredients together and make sure the mixture is lump free. Your concoction should be slightly scented.
4. Now it’s time to place equal quantities of the mixture into your boots and allow this to sit for at least for 24 hours, and after that remove the mixture. Gently pat the heel of your boots to remove any excess powder.
5. The combination of baking soda, cornstarch and essence has odour-absorbing properties. This should ensure odour-free boots.

You can also invest in anti-odour sprays, but be sure that you do not drench your boots in too much liquid.

Do UGGs have removable insoles?

UGGs don’t have removable insoles, as the entire inside lining of the boot is sheepskin. If you’re wishing to use your insoles, be sure they are the correct size for the boot. As a shoe retailer, if you are wishing to use insoles, we would recommend coming into store and trying on a boot of your choice so you can understand what size is needed.

Previously we suggested choosing a size down from your original shoe size, but if you are using insoles, your original size could be used (we still advise trying this on in store).

Can UGGs be resoled?

Yes! UGG boots can be resoled, and though the brand do not offer this service, your local shoesmith would be able to assist. Most shoesmiths offer heel repairs, resoling, stitching, patching and replacing zips in your UGGs. Who knew you could give your favourite boots a new lease of life?

Please remember that like any suede product, your UGG boots will eventually stretch through wearing and walking in them, so you may find as time goes on that a trip to the shoesmith is unavoidable.

Are UGGs comfortable for walking?

The original style UGG boots are comfortable, warm and make a great fashion statement when paired with the right outfit. They aren’t however the right type of footwear to be worn on a hike as there is no ankle support. If you fancy a walk in the hills we would recommend going with the Niels Biker or Aldon UGG boots and leave your comfy traditional UGGs at home.


How to style your UGGs

As the seasons change, we are getting excited to wear and style our UGGs the OFFICE way. Here are a few guidelines to follow when rocking your UGG look:

1. If you have invested in light shades of UGGs for the season, pair them with your skinny denim jeans, oversized knit jumpers and a neck scarf for a little of touch of luxe to start the day.
2. Not all UGG boots come in the classic shape we all recognize. Boots like the Niels Biker and Aldon boots are perfect for outdoor adventures as well as mastering the on-trend biker look. To get this vibe right, pair your UGG boots with skinny jeans, plaid shirts, silk camisoles and oversize leather or bomber jackets.
3. Pairing your UGG boots (i.e the Classic Mini and the Classic Short boots) with dresses and leather jackets can create the perfect day-to-day feminine look.
4. Pair your Classic Short or Classic Slim Kirstin UGG boots alongside your oversized jackets and silk dresses.
5. Looking to wear UGGS to more formal occasions, or are you in need of a little extra height? The Kasen Heel looks great with longer knitted dresses or your favourite dark denim jeans.

We hope we’ve covered everything that you wanted to know about UGGs! If you’re looking to make your first UGG purchase, visit any of our stores or shop our extensive range of UGG shoes & boots online, and don’t forget to share your style with us using #officelovesugg