As one of the most-loved sportswear brands in the world, adidas has a very rich history after decades of popularity alongside style and performance innovation. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a fashion-forward shopper with a penchant for sports luxe or an aficionado of vintage sports style, this designer has probably dreamed up the footwear you’re looking for.

Each pair is a status symbol; a sign of superior taste, an active lifestyle and success. Perhaps even, an indicator of your appreciation for timeless style.

In deference to this game-changing brand, its decorated heritage and to aid our customers’ enjoyment of their purchase, we’ve decided to share everything that we know when it comes to adidas and answer all of your frequently-asked questions right here.

Who founded adidas?

adidas was founded in 1924 in Germany, by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, though it was called the Dassler Brothers Shoe Company until the siblings had a disagreement, and Adolf renamed the company “adidas” in 1949.

How to pronounce adidas?

A topic of debate among wearers of adidas all over the world, there’s a good chance you’ll have come across two pronunciations in your lifetime – either “uh-dee-duss” or “addy-dass”. Given that it is a backronym of founder ADI DASsler’s name, the consensus among those in the know tends to suggest that the latter is correct.

How to clean adidas shoes

The important thing to remember when cleaning adidas shoes is to make sure you treat them with care. The fabrics – like those on other sneakers – are often delicate and easy to spoil.

When removing dirt, you should always use a soft-bristled brush before wiping stains with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and laundry detergent. This will work whether you are cleaning a suede design such as Gazelles, a leather style like Superstars or a mesh knit like NMD.

Better yet, we’d recommend getting your hands on some Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner. It’s completely free of harsh chemicals and abrasives and safe on all colours and materials – perfect if you’ve got an array of styles in your collection!

If your laces are marked, remove them from your sneakers and use the same process, or consider replacing them with some unique, high-quality Mr. Lacys.

Finally, make sure to dry your shoes naturally – using the dryer or putting them on the radiator can jeopardise the shape and the look of the fabric.


Can you put adidas shoes in the washing machine? 

You’ll find plenty of online publications claiming that machine-washing adidas shoes and trainers is perfectly fine. Personally we won’t endorse this, as the heat and spinning could damage and discolour your sneakers – never mind the potential harm to the washing machine!

Are adidas trainers true to size?

adidas trainers will generally fit in your regular shoe size as they adhere quite closely to the UK and EU standards.

However, adidas lovers across internet forums have been known to claim that the brand’s shoes are on the narrow side, and adidas themselves suggest that you should go up a size if you think you might be in between two.

To make sure you’ve got the right fit, we’d recommend coming down to an OFFICE store where you can try on several sizes. We’ll help you to find the perfect pair for your comfort and safety.

Of course if you’d rather shop online and you’re feeling wary, we’re happy to exchange or refund unworn items within 28 days of purchase.


What are adidas Originals?

Some of the most passionate fanatics might be intrigued to learn how adidas Originals came into being. In the late 1990s, the company was restructured into three areas of production; adidas Performance to continue with Adi’s objective of creating practical sportswear, Style Essentials to make their mark in the fashion world and of course, adidas Originals.

The latter part of the business would pay homage to designs of the past, reimagining and updating those stylish silhouettes that made adidas so popular, and which are still well-loved today.

How to identify adidas Originals shoes

adidas Originals can be identified by the vintage trefoil logo used on all retro products today, while Performance and Style Essentials designs have worn the modern three-stripe since 1998.

Are adidas unisex?

Though Adidas shoes and trainers are split out by gender, this is only for the purpose of sizing for the most part. Though there are some lines that are only available in women’s or men’s sizes, there’s nothing to stop you buying any pair that fit your feet!

Are adidas vegan?

Vegan shoe addicts will be pleased to hear that there are a multitude of vegan adidas styles available, despite the majority being made from leather and suede.

Look out for Stella McCartney collaborations alongside Climacool, Response Trail, Adizero and Terrex when you’re hunting for your animal-friendly kicks.

In this eco-friendly vein, adidas have also partnered with Parley to create trainers from recycled plastic, in order to prevent ocean pollution and turn “the threat into a thread”.

Where to buy adidas shoes

For an awesome mix of classic Originals, new-season colourways and hot drops, head straight to the one-stop adidas shop at OFFICE, or come into one of our stores for expert shoe fitting and you’ll be spoilt for choice