Change is a team sport with adidas. The Superstar is here – the iconic shoe has always been a team player. From its basketball roots to becoming a streetwear essential, the Superstar is all about union with the directional identity that so many of its wearers possess.

As we celebrate the Superstar turning 50, adidas chooses to carry on the momentum of change -Something so intrinsically linked to the Superstar since its arrival on the scene as a professional basketball shoe. Since then, it has become both a style icon and forever synonymous with a history that endeavours to change the status quo. All the while, still being true to the authentic Superstar style.

At OFFICE, we are styling the Superstar in a campaign that champions individuality and encourages a change. Join our team as we celebrate 50 years of the adidas Superstar and take on the attitude that recognises Change is a Team Sport.