Martine Rose is a rising British talent who is finding a name for herself in bringing together a hybrid mix of sportswear & streetwear. Heavily influenced by bold industrial style cues, she has showcased at the prestigious MAN fashion show, part of London fashion week. It is during this show that Martine incorporated CAT footwear into her very well received SS11 collection.

For AW12 OFFICE has worked with Martine for a second season. We continue with a men’s project and for the first time bring in a women’s line to complement the story.

Exclusively for OFFICE, Martine gives us her insight into the world of fashion.

Q. What drew you to fashion and designing?

‘I think it stems from me being one of the youngest in a big extended family. I remember watching my brother, sister and cousins getting ready to go out, and remember being filled with a mixture of excitement and envy. It was about 1989; a really exciting time for music and fashion in Britain, the two just came together at a really formative time for me. I would say from this time I was really drawn to street culture, designing came later but these experiences were definitely an early influence.’

Q. What are the best things about your job and the worst?

‘Freedom and freedom.’

Q. What are the highlights of your year?

‘Definitely taking part in the first London Collections: Men.  It’s an amazing time for design in London, and I feel really privileged to be a part of it.’

Q. What was your favourite trend of 2012?

‘The Mobot’

Q. What do you think will be the biggest trend/theme for 2013?

‘I think it’s really all about an attitude, I think girls are definitely doing their thing especially with street style. I love this 90’s grunge/goth/rude girl thing that’s happening now, I think it’s gonna be major in 2013.’

Q. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make it in the fashion world?

‘Be nice, work hard.’

Q. What/who should we watch out for in 2013?
‘iPhone 6?

Q. If you could describe LFW in 2 words, what would you say?

‘Dynamic, brave.’

See Martine’s designs below with CAT, exclusively for OFFICE:

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