The Asics shoe story dates back all the way to 1949 where Kihachiro Onitsuka created Onitsuka Co Ltd. The lack of self-esteem found in Kobe’s youngsters post war prompted a fitness movement, which is where the company took shape and encouraged a sound mind in a sound body. This ethos is still very much a part of the Asics values, where Japanese heritage is perfectly combined with modern design.

It was in 1968 when the delegation sneaker came about, during the Summer Olympics in Mexico the shoe was used for warm ups. The Asics Tiger Stripes, formerly called Mexico Lines inspired the design of Mexico 66. It was 50 years along that the Mexico Delegation launched to celebrate the iconic Olympic event. The method of production and original structure was maintained as closely as possible to when the shoe was first used.

Alongside the Olympic inspired shoe in 1968, an additional design was introduced and inspired by legendary track coach Bill Bowerman. The Corsair designed by Bowerman was integral in providing ideas and insight for the Onitsuka Tiger to bring performance to American surfaces. The Marup style upper, this design would become a phenomenon.

Asics combines sport, design and history eloquently into each of their products. What’s your favourite design?