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Big Eyes Little Soles 5th Birthday

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

On Thursday 15th we had the pleasure of being invited to the ultimate sneaker girl event, the Big Eyes Little Soles 5th birthday party.

Hosted by the gorgeous gang of sneaker loving babes and headed up by Big Eyes mama Yani, the party was a bloggers dream. The event was held at the super cool Oslo club in Hackney and there were treats galore inside (obviously catered to the girls!) #girlpower.


Once we walked in we were greeted by a nail station where nail art queen @lovebangnails painted our fingers with some cool sneaker inspired designs. Next to her was blogger and make-up artist @theplasticboy who made us look super glam with lots of glitter, sparkle and everything girly!

The main event was of course the set list, which had the crowd literally jumping with excitement. First to hit the decks was Benton, who got us all ready for Skream (queue screams!) and then finally Loefah to close the show.

The event was sponsored by Reebok, so naturally the Big Eyes girls were sporting their fave Reebok Classics. Also spotted on the dance floor were the Air Max 90 “Paris” from the Look of the City Dessert pack, some old school Air Max 95‘s and some classic Vans Old Skools.

We had such a great time with the girls, getting pampered and dancing the night away whilst wearing our fave sneakers (no sore feet over here!). To top it off we left with a cute goodie bag from Jason Markk which included a cleaning kit for our trainers. You can find Jason Markk product on our brother site OFFSPRING.





Our favourite childhood games

Friday, March 28th, 2014


It might be because the sun has been shining in recent weeks, but we’ve been getting nostalgic over our favourite playground games.


Why can’t all offices come with an outdoor area where we can go and burn off some steam in our lunch breaks? We definitely think it’d make us more productive.


If we had a playground here at Office HQ (hint, hint), we’d be racing out to play some of the games listed below as soon as the clock strikes 12.



So simple yet so addictive. You wouldn’t have thought that throwing a stone at some chalked numbers and then hopping up and down the grid could keep us entertained for hours on end, but it did. Plus we think that all that practice balancing on one leg is why we’re so good at walking in heels now.

Office -hopscotch


Why is it that 10 minutes skipping in the gym tires us out, but we could jump rope for a solid hour when we were younger? We were experts at the criss cross, jumping in and double Dutch, but we hated those days when we got stuck turning the rope rather than actually skipping.


Kiss chase

Rumour has it this playground favourite has been banned by many schools. The premise is simple, boys chase girls or vice versa and if you catch someone you get to land a smacker on them. If only things were so easy now we’re all grown-up…


Cat’s cradle

There was a time when you would have never caught us without a loop of wool or string in our pockets so we could dedicate every spare second to playing cat’s cradle. We’re not sure we could make it to the end of the sequence now though…


Clapping games

We hope that clapping games are still played in playgrounds today, although if they are, we’re sure we’d be completely out of date with all the rhymes. Back in our day it was all about My Mother Said, Pat-a-Cake and Miss Susie.


Red Rover

One of the most brutal playground games, Red Rover was not for the faint-hearted. You normally needed the whole class to get involved in this one. First you divide into two groups and line up facing each other, holding hands. Then you take it in turns to call “Red rover, red rover, send [name of player on opposite team] right over.” The named person then runs full pelt at the opposing line and tries to break through their arms. If they succeed they return to their team, victorious, but if not they have to join the opposition.


Nike Internationalist

Friday, January 17th, 2014


After a 30 year hiatus, one of Nike’s classic long distance runners is back for 2014.

The Internationalist has an iconic retro silhouette that helped set the tone for Nike’s running shoe aesthetic throughout the early 80’s. Channelling that retro running vibe, the Internationalist features a classic mesh, suede and nylon mix upper that added to its streamline and lightweight shape. Long before LunarLon technology, Nike used Permafoam which features in the Internationalist’s insole to cushion the foot bed of his resurrected classic.




Some may remember the 1984 blue and yellow OG editions that became known as the Anthony Michael Halls after featuring in an extended scene in the cult classic John Hughes film ‘The Breakfast Club’. The scene shows Anthony’s character Brian and the other rebellious teens dance around the library to overcome their detention boredom. See if you can spot them in the clip below and why not have a little dance around your room while you watch!


Check out the Internationalist’s, including the limited pair from Nike’s ‘Holographic’ pack…oooh shiny!




Vans winter styles

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Next week sees the launch of a collection of exclusive styles in OFFICE from Vans. With over 40 years of Californian heritage, the Vans brand embodies an ‘off the wall’ attitude.


Old Skool and Chukka Boot styles get a winterised update with premium wool and suede uppers, sitting atop rich gum and tonal coloured soles. As seen in today’s Metro newspaper, the photo shoot showcases these new and exclusive styles in the beautiful Epping Forest.  The Old Skool shoe features the side stripe which is Vans’ original and most identifiable insignia, with the Chukka Boot bringing a smart casual look to the collection. Pair with chinos and plaid shirts for a unisex laid back look.

In store and online from next week.


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